Hello world!

This Blog is dedicated to the band ZTOYZ and the influence it had on the Miami and New York music scene in the 80’s.   We will be posting music, photos and videos of the band that captured the hearts of a lot of die hard music lovers.  We will also pay homage to the bands that ZTOYZ admired and were influenced by.  We will also let  you know what the members of ZTOYZ are up to now.  We welcome your comments and stories to our posts.  ZTOYZ  music will also be available on iTunes.

Peter S


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Great job Peter. Remember the all night recording session with Tom Allom ? Early 80’s. He said he’d do a song or two but you guys were so tight and he was liking you guys so much he damn near recorded an entire album. cut n splice .

  2. I loved following Toyz around when I was a mere teen and 20 something in Miami. So talented, great stage presence, so much fun to watch from just a few feet away. I especially enjoyed the Aerosmith covers like “Walk Your Dog” such great memories.
    …And there was always beautiful girls at the shows! 😉
    John Suarez crushed it every time!

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