Rollos, six sets a night!

Top: John Suarez Hanz Peter Spirer
Bottom Peter Spirer Joey Corollo

Rollos was a rock’n’roll bar that every decent rock band in South Florida did time. Carmine the owner had a decimal meter and if you went over 112 decimals you were told to turn down. Our sound man Tom Winch, also an engineer re-calibrated the decimal meter so that it would not exceed 110 decimals. We played so loud one night that Carmine claimed roofing material fell to the floor. We were told never to come back. By this point we added Hanz on lead vocals. John continued to solo on some songs but most of the lead vocals fell to Hanz. Now Rollos along with One South, The Button South and other rock clubs have been turned into strip clubs. I guess its easier and more profitable to deal with strippers than with rockers. But how is a young band suppose to develop their chops? This picture of Joey Corollo is the only one we have. He was a good drummer but left the band because he wanted to do more covers so that he could get higher paying gigs.


2 thoughts on “Rollos, six sets a night!

  1. Rollo’s is a strip club now? Oh good. I guess now I can go back inside. Six sets a night for 6 -7 days in a row was so brutal–especially when they were filled with vocal shredders by AC/DC, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Zeppelin, Scorpions, and Judas Priest. One salvation was that John could take over and rock on songs by Kiss and others. I was ok for about 3 nights and then started to get really raw. I tried various concoctions to salvage my voice, but often ended up puking in the bathroom during the last set towards the end of the week. Was probably a blessing when Carmine threw us out for good…

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