It’s a “Rock-n-Roll Love Affair”

TOYZ single Rock n Roll Love Affair

Toyz formed in ’79. John Suarez had written two solid rock songs that the band decided to record, “Rock-n-Roll Love Affair” and “Learn To Survive”. The record was recorded with the original lineup: John Suarez- Guitar, Vocals Peter Spirer- Guitar Tom Stevens Bass Saul Bradman- Drums. The record was produced by Phineas Dali, and recorded under his record label Black Sheep Records. If you ever get a chance to hear the single you’ll know why Phineas never made it as a producer. Attempts have been made to locate Phineas who became a photographer and took some very nice shots of the band in later years. However he was last seen in Nashville living under an assumed name and further attempts to locate him have failed. The “copywrite” (yes a misspelling on the single) dates the record at 1980. This cover was provided by Andrea Lynch, a long time friend of the band.


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