27 Birds Flyer

This 21 Birds flyer was provided to me by Toyz bass player Mark McGreevy. If you knew the Miami scene you knew these were some of the best original bands in South Florida. What we didn’t realize was that in the immortal words of Bruno Martinez, (drummer for Z-Cars and Cats on Holiday), “Miami was the black hole of rock music”. Very few record companies took the time to come to Maimi to check out bands. It took us getting ourselves on MTV to get record company attention. After all my years of visiting other cities and checking out their music scene, I do believe that Miami had some of the most innovative and original rock bands. It should have blossomed into a Seattle scene but alas we were only known for our salsa band, The Miami Sound Machine.

Peter S


One thought on “27 Birds Flyer

  1. I remember the first night I saw one of these flyers. It was the first night we met Richard Shelter. We were sitting outside at the entrance to Rollo’s on during one of our usual six-set-a-night six-nights-a-week gigs. And this dude with a punk haircut (Richard) comes up to us, hands us a flyer, and asks if we’d rather play our original music in his club scene rather than six sets of covers. We would, and we did…

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