27 Birds!

27 Birds is where TOYZ cut their teeth. Promoter Richard Shelter took over a bar in Coconut Grove located on Bird Road and turned it into the best original club in South Florida. Richard didn’t allow covers so it was a great place to work out your original songs. No two band looked or sounded alike. You had Charlie Pickett and the Eggs, The US Fury’s, Cats on Holiday, The Front and many others. The stage was small and the crowd close by and intimate which made for some very intense shows.


2 thoughts on “27 Birds!

  1. One thing I remember about 27 Birds is that it attracted mainly a post-punk crowd–mohawks, chains, and more piercings than we had. They loved us–as targets. They showered us with gifts of spit and beer (sometimes they included the bottle or can for free!). Maybe it was there way of showing their respect and affection…hey, but that which doesn’t kill you makes you mean. It was still alot of fun, and it toughened us and prepped us for tough times to come.

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