The road crew…

Every good rock band needs a good road crew.  ZTOYZ had some of the best. The scene in South Florida was grueling and you needed a road crew that could keep up with band.  After going through a bunch of soundmen ZTOYZ hired Tom Winch who worked with the band during its heydays in Miami.  Tom got the gig after ZTOYZ fired their soundman and hired Tom on the spot.  At the time Tom was the stage manger for local promoter Richard Shelter.  After working with the band for a couple of years Tom left to work with the band Cryer but he would make sound reinforcement his life’s work and mixed front of house for Prince, The Monkees, Jethro Tull, George Benson, and worked front of house and tour managed for Macy Gray for eight years.

In Miami Glenn Brosnick was the main guitar tech and Will Hart was the drum tech.  Glenn a very good guitar player himself worked to keep the band in tune.  Will also was a tech who could keep a beat, and would prove it when Scott (the drummer) was late for an afternoon show at a high school.  Will filled in until Scott arrived and no one knew the better.  When the band made the move to New York, Will traveled with the band and worked with them until it was over.  He also occasionally ran lights.  Will looked a lot like Hans, a close friend of the band once remarked that Will looked more like Hanz than Hanz did.

Lance Troupe also tuned guitars for ZTOYZ. He ended up going to college as the band traveled north to New York but he always remained a good friend. Jon Kus worked as a roadie with the band in Miami and also moved to New York with the band.  Though he moved on after a few years he did a lot of heavy lifting. According to Will Hart Jon Kus was abducted by aliens, and was last seen near Detroit in 1989. However Nikki Wittelsohn has recently added,”hi pete u say in ur blog Jon kus was abducted in 89 but he lived with me in deerfield beach in 92 for 6 months…then after hurricaine andrew was abducted by aliens that did lots of cocaine and he owed money too thats all i know lol.

Joey Bonsignore from Levittown, a High School Student who would rather work with the band than attend school.   Will Hart, “After setting up and breaking down at shows we used to drop Joey off in the van after a late night gig”.

Unlike most bands, the road crew for ZTOYZ were made up of good looking guys.  An incident involving some under-aged girls began to make the band nervous.  Guitarist Peter Spirer enacted a policy that the road crew wear WE ID badges not for alcohol or cigarettes but to make sure young ladies were of age to avoid future issues.


Pictured above Suarez and Hanz                                       Suarez

Z TOYZ asks Drum Techie Will Hart Five Questions:

How did you feel working for the band?

-Best time of my life!

What was the best gig you can remember and why?

-The night at Flynn’s after the prelim MTV show. It was my surprise return. Also –the first time I met Scott

What was the worst gig and why?

-We never had a bad gig!!!!!

Who was the biggest asshole in the band and why?

-There were no assholes.

Did you enjoy your time working with Z TOYZ?

-Loved every second and would do it again given the chance!!!

ZTOYZ asked Soundman Tom Winch five questions:

How did you feel working for Z TOYZ?


What was the best Z TOYZ gig you can remember and why?

-Opening for Joan Jett at UM.  Great show, and it was supposed to signal the start of Z-Toyz domination of the ’80’s.

What was the worst Z TOYZ gig and why?

-Opening for Joan Jett at UM.  Great show, but John Suarez spoiled what should have been a great beginning for the band, getting signed and all, by walking out on the deal.

Who was the biggest asshole in Z TOYZ… and why?

-It’s hard to figure this one out, they were all assholes!  Just for different reasons.   Pete, Hans, and even Scott were OK for the most part.  Ty was a self-absorbed asshole and John was…….. John.

Did you enjoy your time working with Z TOYZ?

-Yes, overall I’d say it was a positive experience.

Peter S


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