FLYNN’s on Miami Beach


Another great all original club was FLYNN’S on Miami Beach, located in a very bad section of town. This was before the Miami makeover in the late 80’s. Toyz really excelled at Flynn’s and this was another club that Richard Shelter promoted. The stage was small and high but we always found it comfortable to play on.   One night two record companies, Columbia and Bonz saw us when we opened for the British band GIRLSCHOOL. After the show, Richard Bron President of Bronz records said something like “you showed those girls how to play” and expressed interest in signing us. Columbia on the other hand said that they didn’t hear enough hit songs and said that we needed to keep grinding.  Bronz would eventually see us a few months later with Joan Jett but I do remember that Fynn’s show being particularly good.  By this time Scott Levy our new drummer was well entrenched with the band and was giving us 150%.  Hans was sounding great and Ty was doing his thing on bass and background vocals. I could tell leading up to that show John was feeling frustrated within the dynamic of the band.  He had issues primarily with Ty and felt that he couldn’t express himself completely.  Fortunately John always gave a great performance live and no one knew of our internal issues.  We did a number of very good shows at Flynn’s. There were more and more young women coming to the show.  One night I remember these two girls asked if I could get them in the club.  The minimum age back then was eighteen. I asked how old they were.  They said 14 and 15. I said to them if you were 16 and 17 maybe, but not 14 and 15.  So I didn’t get them in.  The next morning I got a call from an angry mother who got my number from the club owner and demanded to know where her 13 year old daughter and her 12 year old friend were.  Hence the WE ID badges.  This Flynn’s flyer had some of the usual suspects; The U.S. FURY’S, THE BOBS, LARRY JO MILLER, CHARLIE PICKETT AND THE EGGS, GAY COWBOYS IN BONDAGE and of course, TOYZ. Flyer courtesy of Mark McGreevey.


Peter S


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