RIP Peter Patrick

RIP Peter Patrick

Peter Patrick from Z-Cars passed away recently. I wrote this on Z-Cars’ bass player Ray Harris’ Facebook: To say that I was inspired, influenced by Z-Cars would be an understatement. First band that I ever saw that played original music in the Miami cover band era. Truly, they were a lighthouse in a sea of mediocrity. I saw them maybe a hundred times. I’ve seen a lot of rock groups in my day, but regardless of the size of the stage they were one of the greatest. I wonder what would have happened had they had a better launching pad than the “black hole of rock music”. Never knew Peter personally, though I was friends with Bruno, I was always touched by Peter’s wonderful sense of humor, wit , vocal phrasing and energy. RIP Peter. Peter Spirer from Z-Toyz.

Peter S


2 thoughts on “RIP Peter Patrick

  1. Hey, I sat in (sang) at a couple of Spirer garage rehearsals with you guys a bit in high school. Any idea where Saul Bradman is these days?

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