Fourth of July at Dee Snider’s Home.

Fourth of July? Just got this from my Z Toyz brother Scott Levy. Dee Snider is pictured in the middle. Dee was a fan of our band. We talked about working together. Hanz sang backup with him for his stage show. Can’t remember what its called you’ll have to ask Hanz. I love Dee but he did take my song “The Lonely Ones” and put it on his Widowmaker album as their first single without authorization. At the time I was pissed about it. Looking back now I’m glad he did it and there are no hard feelings. I think this photo was taken at a party for the fourth of July that he had while living on Long Island. Dee had a bunch of brothers who loved fireworks. There were so many explosions that it felt like Vietnam. Way out of control. I think he said he spent about six grand on fireworks!

Peter S


One thought on “Fourth of July at Dee Snider’s Home.

  1. Great pic! Yes Dee’s parties were epic! The stage show where I sang was Dee Snider’s Van Helsing’s Curse, an incredible–and incredibly underrated–horror rock orchestra.

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