In Memoriam

Recently Z Toyz lost three people that were part of our extended Z Toyz family.  Though all three were vastly different people they all loved Z Toyz music and all had a great sense of humor.


Danna Spirer Webb and David Spirer

Guitarist Peter Spirer’s brother passed away on February 11, 2015.  An avid supporter of the band, David was charismatic and charming.  Peter always said, “David didn’t have to be in a rock band to have women fall all over him”.   David video taped a classic Z Toyz show at the NYC club Downtown which will soon be posted.   We will miss his energy and his love of nature and the sea.


Ralph Clemente, Peter Spirer and Daniel Springen            On the set of “Just Another Day”

Ralph Clemente passed away on April 8 2015.  Ralph was a professor at the University of Miami where Peter went to school. He signed off on Peter’s film project, the first music video created at the University of Miami.  The video “Miami Breakdown”, went on to win the semi-finals of the MTV Basement Tapes.  Peter and Ralph remained close friends and as Peter transitioned into the film world, he eventually made two narrative features, (Dunsmore and Just Another Day), with Ralph and his wonderful film program at Valencia College in Orlando.


Al Levy and Scott Levy

Al Levy passed away on April 10, 2015.  Scott’s father Al Levy was a huge supporter of the band.  Not only did he help the band financially when needed but along with his wife Renee, attended many Z Toyz shows.  When not rehearsing, Al and Scott loved to fish and boat together.  Al and Scott had a special relationship that was as close as any father and son.   Scott had the good fortune of working with his father in the flooring business until his father passed away.  Z Toyz wants to thank Al for all his years of support.

Peter S


2 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. So sorry to hear of Al Levy’s passing. I had some great times at the house on the key with the family. Scott, I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. Peter, I have wracked my brain and can’t seem to remember David. I sorry for you loss as well. Looking forward to the video as I’m sure it’s post my tenure and Craig is on bass. All the best to the family at this time. Mitch

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