Craig and Peter

Kory and Peter Spirer

When Peter Spirer reached out to Craig Kory, AKA “Kory,” he reminded Peter that it had been over twenty years since they had last seen each other.  So when Peter came to Vegas they met up and reminisced about the “good ole days.” 

The two decided to spend the night eating White Castle burgers, like they had back in the day before playing at the legendary Queens L’amours.  Drinking dollars beers in a casino on the Las Vegas strip and keeping Kory’s mother up way past her bedtime they swapped plenty of amusing stories that will eventually make their way onto this blog.  Spirer was attending the National Association of Broadcasters conference.  Kory lives in Vegas as a Kid Rock impersonator.  Both felt the reunion was way over due.  Pictured above is the two of them before a show opening up for Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult.

Peter S


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