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From lead singer Hanz…

JJ T-Shirt

The infamous t-shirt

When we first heard that we were opening for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, someone at the UM Student Entertainment Committee told us that they would be giving out or selling concert t-shirts with us listed as the opening act for the Blackhearts.  Joan apparently found out about this and was furious.  She told the University that she was not going to allow a “girl band” to open up for her (I guess she assumed a band named Z Toyz was all-female).  When she found out we were all male, she relented but insisted that the t-shirts were out.  The UM gave us a few, and I still have the one I got (pictured).

The story about John being found in Joan’s dressing room puts other happenings that evening into perspective.  We were all in our “dressing room” (really just another eating room in the main cafeteria), hanging out after our set.  We looked over and noticed Joan stretching in the doorway to our room.  I thought “why here of all places?  Can’t she stretch in her own dressing room, or just about anywhere else in this huge building besides across the threshold of the room we are in!?  Why is she being such an asshole?” Scott had a different take.  After seeing Joan pushing territorial limits, he walked over to the doorway, lit up a cigarette and attempted to make small talk with Joan while she was getting ready for her show.  She was not amused.



One thought on “There’s more…

  1. Nice addendum. All of which I had no idea about. I guess while I was dealing with keeping us on the bill you were getting an eyeful of Joan working out.

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