ZToyz make a Triumphant Return

Have you ever wanted to go back in time?  We did.  On April 2, our whole band got to spend one night back on stage as if it were 1984.   After many years of not playing together we got up on stage at Churchills in Miami, for one more round.   It was hot, it was fast, and thankfully it was well received.   We had friends and fans fly in from as far as California and New York.  The crowd was loud, the energy electric, and we had more fun than I ever imagined.  It was truly like going back in time.

I want to thank everyone who attended.  I want to thank my long time friend and sound man extraordinaire Tom Winch.  You did an amazing job.  Thanks to the camera people that night and my good friend Giorgio Sferra.  Thanks to our road crew, who were as much a part of the group as the band members .  While Will Hart was helping our drummer Scott Levy,  Glenn Brosnick  my old guitar tech, saved the day for me when he noticed the guts of my guitar spill out just as we were about to begin.  Usually I’m the one with the screw loose, but this time it was my pink paisley tele.   I yelled, “get some duct tape”,   Glenn slapped some on and it worked without a hitch.   Our manager Joe Ohrin flew in from Pennsylvania.  I always love spending time with Joe, this time was no different.   Funny and always positive, he kept us all amused.  Richard Shelter and Rob Elba deserve a ton of thanks for putting this thing together.   My wife for spending time with me reliving the rock dream.  My mother and Mike for always being there.  But most importantly I want to thank the four other guys, my brothers, who played so fucking well that night, Hanz, Soctt, Craig and Zane.  We have our issues like any family, but your talent and passion is undeniable. It was a privilege to play with you guys and playing together again it occurred to me that it’s a fucking crime we didn’t see more glory.  But we had incredible times together, some of them documented on this blog, and I would not trade any of it for anything.  If you were there you know what I mean. 18011052_10155398917286151_4478350109211193922_n ZToyz at Churchills!


7 thoughts on “ZToyz make a Triumphant Return

  1. Awesome post Peter. It really was like the old daze…Tom at the board, Scotts kit failing mid set..Glenn’s duct taping ability…Too bad Jon Kuss wasn’t there to do any heavy lifting…lol. It was a fabulous weekend of debauchery & Rock & Roll. I miss those day’s, & given the chance, I would do it all over again!!! Love you guys!!!

  2. You guys kicked ass, Peter….and the acoustic set that you did at KreepyTiki on the Friday show was as good as ANY MTV band from the era….
    > Thank You Again for being a part of our amazing Reunion….!!

  3. Thanks Peter for yet another great post documenting another chapter in a history book that I thought we had closed. It was electric to share the stage with you, Zane, Scott, Craig, Will, Glenn and Tom again–including (and somehow especially) the unplugged gig! Richard and Rob, I cannot thank you enough for all the cat wrangling, ring-mastering, and general heavy lifting you guys did to make this happen. A wild ride that I will never forget.

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